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The Higgins Art Gallery and Museum

A man in a dark suit has been seen near the stairs, as has a stable boy in a "flat cap" and another man in the library area, and a female phantom in a blue dress was observed in "The Guest Room". Other phenomena include; a guest feeling pushed in The Nursery (where a security guard felt something pass through her); files disappearing and then reappearing in The General Office; a smoky smell and the odour of perfume; a picture of Cecil Higgins himself and a clock falling without cause; an electric typewriter going haywire; the lid of a photocopier "flying up" and paper drawers shooting out; a chair swinging as if someone had just arisen from it; a window breaking for no reason; cold draughts; strange mists; a toiler door sliding shut by itself; a ladder and display dummies being repositioned overnight; and a jacket being tugged and many other phenomena have been reported here.

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