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The Higgins Art Gallery and Museum

A man in a dark suit has been seen near the stairs, as has a stable boy in a "flat cap" and another man in the library area, and a female phantom in a blue dress was observed in "The Guest Room". Other phenomena include; a guest feeling pushed in The Nursery (where a security guard felt something pass through her); files disappearing and then reappearing in The General Office; a smoky smell and the odour of perfume; a picture of Cecil Higgins himself and a clock falling without cause; an electric typewriter going haywire; the lid of a photocopier "flying up" and paper drawers shooting out; a chair swinging as if someone had just arisen from it; a window breaking for no reason; cold draughts; strange mists; a toilet door sliding shut by itself; a ladder and display dummies being repositioned overnight; and a jacket being tugged and many other phenomena have been reported here.

Update 8/3/22: Catherine Haynes, team leader at the museum replied to my query regarding any recent activity: "We have not had any reports in the last few years of any ghostly or odd phenomena at The Higgins Bedford. Extensive refurbishment was carried out 10 years ago and nothing has been reported in that time."

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