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Ettington Park Hotel

A "Grey Lady" has been seen near the staircase and walks towards the spot where she died after being pushed down the long flight; some accounts give her name as "Mary", stating that she was a servant girl (she may be the lady in Tudor dress who is sometimes seen and suffered a similar fate). Another spectre in a white gown, nick-named "Lady Emma" and believed to be a governess, glides along the terrace at dusk and has been observed to walk along corridors before vanishing into a wall. Two children have been seen on the banks of the River Stour and one guest was woken by crying outside their room and saw them looking into the river; other guests have reported knockings, laughing, whistling and faint music, and a dull green glow at the foot of their bed. A copy of St Ronan's Well has been known to be flung off the shelves in the library by an invisible hand. An older woman in a black gown from the Victorian era, a floating candle, phantom army officers, a spectral man and his dog who disappeared into the library one Christmas Eve, shadowy presences at the entrance and reception, disembodied voices, a man who vanished in the grounds leaving no footprints in the early morning dew, and a monk who wanders through the grounds are also some of the many, many other resident spectres here, too.

Update 8/1/22: Janet Montague, the Sales and Revenue Manager informed me, "I can't say we have had any odd or inexplicable phenomena here at Ettington of the last few years - Sorry."

Link: Coventry Live

Link: Coventry Live

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