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Ettington Park Hotel

A "Grey Lady" has been seen near the staircase and walks towards the spot where she died after being pushed down the long flight. Another spectre in a white gown, nick-named Lady Emma, glides along the terrace. Two children have been seen on the banks of the River Stour and one guest was woken by crying outside their room and saw them looking into the river. A copy of St Ronan's Well has been known to be flung off the shelves in the library bar by an invisible hand. A lady in Tudor dress, dating from a time before the current house was built, has been seen too. She is said to be a servant who fell down the stairs of the previous building on the site. An older woman in a black gown from the Victorian era, a floating candle, a spectral man and his dog, disembodied voices and a monk who wanders through the grounds are also some of the many, many other resident spectres here, too.

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