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The Swan Revived

A grey figure has been sighted here, thought variously to be a soldier from either the First World War or a Roundhead from the English Civil War; in this latter story, the soldier was an officer who was recuperating at the Swan after losing his leg during practising manoeuvres. He is said to have embarked on a visit to the many hostelries and tried to arrange the services of a prostitute. When he couldn't "perform", she told him that he wouldn't get a refund and after a blazing row, the pair were ejected. The prostitute, by some means, incurred an injury to the head when the pair went to the river Ouse and she ended up in the water, her body eventually washed up. The solider either hung himself in the attic of the Swan, or also drowned himself in the river. As far as other phenomena are concerned, a guest felt someone tugging at him during the night. He thought it was his wife but she denied it. Soon after, a pair of hands grabbed him, pulled him out of the bed and dumped him on the floor. Needless to say, the couple soon left.

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