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Chicksands Priory

A spectral lady has been seen here; she is said to have a "ruddy, freckled face topped by reddish, rather untidy hair." She wears a long black dress and a white collar, possibly lace and holds a notebook in her hands which she looks at before disappearing. Theories about her identity vary. Various sources say that she is a nun named Berta Rosata [or Rosetta], who conveniently died after her dalliance with a monk was discovered - although some say that she was bricked up alive, being forced to watch her lover being decapitated before the last brick was put in. Some versions of her tale say that she appears on the 17th of each month, "searching for the body of her lover." Others say that she is servicewoman who was stationed here during World War 2 (the ghost only started to be seen during the final days of the conflict) or a servantgirl. Other phantoms include a young boy and girl, most often heard in the kitchen, which used to be a nursery; a canon; a nun; and a ghost having "a youthful face", that clawed at an air force officer as he lay sleeping. There are a multitude of other stories, many dating to the era of the Second World War and its immediate aftermath.

Update 18/4/20: Julie Benson replied to my email saying, " my knowledge, there hasn’t been anything ‘untoward’ happening in Chicksands Priory within the last few years."

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