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Hellens Manor House

Hetty Walwyn's phantom has been seen in a specific room here; she absconded with a man but he refused to marry her and when she returned home, her family locked her up in a room with bars on the window, where her ghost is still seen. Another version of the story is that she returned home after five (or 20?) years, her husband having died. Some say that she had been cheated by his business partners and was now penniless apart from a diamond ring. She was put in a room, with a rope leading to a bell with which to summon a servant. Although the bell has since been disconnected, it still rings sometimes. In some versions of her tale, Hetty's suitor was said to be "a man considered to be beneath her social class." Two other spectres here include a monk who was murdered in the Civil War, and a nun in a long grey gown on the staircase.

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Update 28/8/20: Justine Peberdy, the manager for the last couple of years has experienced a few odd occurrences: "On opening up the tearoom, after it was left all in order the night before and locked up, we found a table had been moved, the tablecloth pulled from the table and the sugar bowl was broken on the floor. A guest saw a shadowy figure in the Dovecote which was padlocked shut, [and] she took a photo ..."

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