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Hallmark Hotel Flitwick Manor

An old Victorian lady in white, a little hazy but otherwise solid, has been seen walking through various rooms and along corridors at night, looking out of the windows; she has also been seen in the upstairs bedrooms where she has been seen crying while seated on the bed. Sometimes there are reports of rose perfume that accompany her. Additionally, cushions sometimes have an impression as if someone had been seated upon them. There have also been reports of poltergeist-like activity including footsteps, lights turning off, doors being found unlocked, a clock falling off the wall and pan lids flying out of the cupboard in the kitchen, landing with a clatter. Staff have reported feeling "a cool hand" on their forehead and a heavy weight on their beds during the night. Interestingly, the hauntings intensified after a small room, probably used by servants, was found in the loft. There is also a story of a little girl who was seen by a cleaner, who had felt something touch her skirt. The cleaner left the next day!

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