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Sudeley Castle

The ghost of "Janet", a housekeeper in the 19th century, has been seen in her pink skirt, white blouse and cap, inspecting the building for a lack of upkeep. She has been seen on the staircase, the Rupert Room, the "needlework bedroom" and the main bedroom. A dog, resembling a large poodle with brown hair, has also been observed here. During the Civil War, Prince Rupert stayed at the castle and had the building reinforced, managing to fend off a seige that lasted weeks. It was during such a stay that Rupert's pet dog passed away - and has remained ever since, according to witnesses. Henry VIII's last wife, Catherine Parr, has been seen here as a "Green Lady." She is often seen in the Queen's Garden and her appearance is often preceded by a smell of "apple-scented perfume" and sometimes by the sound of a young child crying. In addition, a blacksmith has been seen "hammering in the vaults", and guests have experienced a weight sitting on their beds. Meanwhile, in the tithe barn, a young girl in her 20s with long auburn hair and wearing a white dress has been observed. There are many other reports too!

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