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Hitchin Priory

An undefined, misty figure has been seen; and on the 15th June, it is said that a Cavalier named Goring appears - he was visiting his lover and tried to conceal himself from the multitude of Roundheads in the area but he was found and executed; it is said by some accounts that he is headless and his phantom had ridden a horse from nearby High Down House. Also in the building, voices have been heard, monk-like figures seen and on one occasion, card players from another period were seen by a security guard. There was also a report of the top half a woman seen on the top floor; she was wearing a short-sleeved blouse and had a pearl around her neck. In the grounds, a phantom coach and horses has been seen, as have Roman soldiers and a "Grey Lady," - she is also said to hover above the stairs on the top floor. However, many of these tales are quite old.

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