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The Fox and Fiddler

The playful spectre of "Sarah" who died in the early 1660s haunts this building, playing pranks on people by touching them, making noises and pushing glasses onto the floor. Legend says that Matthew Hopkins dragged her down to the cellar and had her bricked up alive. She is said to be blonde, with a white lacy hat and a black dress. She used to live in the attic and will not allow objects to be moved up there.

Update 11/9/20: Annmarie of Dakota Enterprises told me, "We have a number or reported incidence in the pub. Ongoing really." In subsequent emails, I was told, "We have a lot of examples..regular our electronic till opens when no one is near it. The gas for the beer turns 'itself' off. My bar managers husband has been asleep in the pub and has heard the barrels below him being moved when know one is there. Things randomly fly off the shelves with no explanation. Jack...our top hatted ghost has been seen a lot by one staff member. Sarah is our most notorious. They don't really cause use problems and I think they are happy with what we are doing. Personally I have had the feeling of water dripping on my head....when there is no leak!"

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