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Knebworth House

One story tells how former owner Sir Bulwer Lytton, "a keen occultist" who hosted seances is said to haunt the property but it is not known if this amounts to visible manifestation and effects, or is just a feeling. A "radiant" boy with yellow hair (sometimes called "The Yellow Boy") appears to indicate a violet death to one of the Lyttleton family members, who have owned the house since 1492, or "a rise to power". A young girl, with blonde hair has also been seen in Queen Elizabeth's Room and a white shadow seen in The Picture Gallery. One man who was winding clocks in that very room was poked in the ribs, and during restoration work in 1999, an unidentified man was seen looking through some wallpaper samples left behind on the floor. There is also a legend of a spectral tank from World War 2 which drives from the lodge gate to Codicote. A helmeted soldier is said to beckon all those nearby to take cover.

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