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The Manor at Weston On The Green Country House Hotel

The Oak Room is said to be haunted by Mad Maude, a nun who fell in love with a monk and was burnt at the stake for her dalliance. When the building was a monastery, the Oak Room (No.7) was thought to be her cell and at least one person complained of excessive heat during the night; additionally, some people report coldness too! Lights switching on and off has also occurred. A dairymaid who fell to her death haunts the tower, and a coach and horses drives into the yard before vanishing.

Update: 23/2/20: Although the staff didn't respond to my query as to whether anything had been seen recently, they did email me a small pamphlet detailing the history of the mansion. The document refers to the story of Maude and how she was found in her lover's cell; another version is that she was ingratiated with the whole monastery. Yet another version is that she and her lover were discovered by the moat and the other brothers rushed out and chopped off her head with an axe! In the traditional version, she is said to have burnt alive in the grounds of the manor. With regards to the coach and horses, an elderly gardener who worked for the hotel's owner was so aware of its route that he always walked around its described path. Another phantom at the mansion is said to be a cavalier sitting in the entrance hall, drinking from a goblet.

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