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Minster Lovell Hall

The hall is the ruins of a medieval manor which belonged to Lord Francis Lovell, Richard III's henchman. During the War of the Roses, Lovell went into hiding and it was not until 1708 that workmen unearthed his skeleton in a hidden room; it is said that he was fed by his servant and Lovell asked him to lock him into the chamber. Unfortunately, according to legend, the servant died and Lovell perished of hunger. His groans can be heard throughout the ruins and grounds along with footsteps, and he has also appeared wearing a cloak. There are also reports of a spectral white knight on a white horse. The ghost of a white lady in her teens has also been seen around Christmas time and she was once seen ascending an invisible staircase; she is believed to be a bride whose remains were found in the attic of the hall - she was still wearing her wedding dress. One legend says that, as per tradition, she was "kidnapped" by the groom's friends and carried off to the church, but in a mock show of defiance, she played hide and seek; another legend says that she suggested the game herself. She found a large chest in which she could hide but the lid locked shut and she soon suffocated. Her skeleton was not found for many years. The groom himself, Baron William Lovell, is said to return on Christmas Eve, where his voice is heard, followed by a spectral appearance. He seems to be climbing invisible staircases, opening doors that no longer exist and walking on floors that are long since removed.

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