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Town Hall

Children's voices have been heard in the corridor that leads to the staircase down to the cellar, and footsteps heard too. A staff member also said that an arm reached out from a corridor, but when she reached the area, there was no-one there.

Link: Braintree and Witham Times

Update 15/3/20 I contacted the Town Hall asking if anything had been experienced recently and they replied, "I’ve asked around the building, and there are definitely lots of ‘feelings’ and strange, unexplained noises. In addition, I have had the following reply from the Town Clerk ... Constant sound of footsteps in the upper corridors especially when alone in the building. The previous Town Clerk also confirmed this, and more than one occasion before committee it’s been so profound I’ve been compelled to get up and check the whole building as you really are that certain you’ve heard somebody; Figures in the top foyer frequently; First day taking over from Mark I saw what I can only describe as a woman in a victorian era style dress with a large brimmed hat on with some kind of veil over the brim. I saw this as I went up the stairs and as I got to the top and looked up, I stumbled back it was that profound and clear. She was right in my face, clear enough that I could see it was a woman; I saw a trouser leg come out of the air by the lift on the ground floor, it was without doubt a man’s trouser leg with a shoe on, as though a man was walking past out the door but the bottom half of the leg was coming out of the air like there was an invisible wall present. All of these occurred in the rear section of the building, which dates back to the 1400’s and was formerly the George Inn."

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