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Hertford Museum

An Edwardian lady with a high collar and bright red hair, sometimes wearing a bonnet, has been seen here, as have young children near the stairs up to the attic, where lights have gone on and off by themselves. The lift has also been known to operate by itself despite needing a key, and the lights in the Andrews Room, activated my motion, are known to turn on too. A medical kit in this room has also been reported to have moved across the room.

Update 3/9/20: Janet Tocqueville, the museum support assistant replied to my email saying, "I have only been working at the Museum for a couple of years so I checked with the other staff. There have been no sightings or auditory manifestations however there have been cases of people feeling uneasy. Sadly there is no way to prove if this is due to expectation of something or genuine."

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