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The White Hart

A weeping woman, wearing a veil over her face is the apparition here. She is known as Rosalind, the victim of an unhappy love affair, and she is usually seen in the place where a staircase leading to the loft once stood. Poltergeist-like behaviour has also been blamed on this inconsolable wraith.

Update 2/3/22: I spoke to landlord Dixie and he described some of the things that had occurred at the pub. He says that customers often smell burnt toast in a specific area of the bar; and on one occasion, his wife went into the storeroom to find a baby chair. She was having some difficulty when she heard a knock behind her, and something had been moved, allowing her to see the chair. In addition, Dixie describes how trays in the kitchen fall down and once, when he was about to fetch a key from a closed "latch", the door opened and the key obligingly dropped out. There is a room in the pub that is described as always being cold, and he has heard "bumps and things." There is also a military case on the library that takes some effort to move, but on a few occasion, it has been found on its side, without explanation.

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