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The White Horse

Taps on the beer barrels have been turned off, and footsteps heard upstairs after closing time. The rear end of a Labrador dog used to be seen out of the corner of the eye but it is rarely reported these days.

Update 26/2/22: I emailed licensee Tony Harding about any recent phenomena: "I knew this place was haunted! At night it has an eerily weird feel upstairs and some customers have apparently seen a young lady in the corner of one of the rooms. I myself nor my staff have actually seen or experienced anything paranormal I’m afraid. Just a creepy feeling when alone. But I put that down to the building being so old etc. I really wish I could say we’ve seen anything but I’m afraid not ... " In a following email, Tony said, "Actually, there is one weird thing that repeatedly happens, and it's to do with mini cheddars. Every time we come in in the morning, there’s always a packet of mini cheddars on the floor. Literally every single morning. But I highly doubt it’s paranormal activity tbh. Apart from that, nothing to report."

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