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Halton House

A man in a black top hat and dressed in black jacket with green lapels and tails walks through the dining room towards the windows at the far end where he fades away. It is said that he and his fiancee were invited to a party at the house by Alfred de Rothschild (the owner), but she left him for another man. Another ghost is "The Graceful Lady" who is seen hurrying up the stairs, or coming down them into the dining room, attired in a Victorian dress. The upstairs snooker room is reported to be cold and occupants of nearby rooms complain of a game being played until the early hours of the morning - but when they check, the room is in darkness and silent ... but with an unfinished game still on the table. In addition, there is an area of the house that is unnerving to dogs, and the glimpse of a Chinese laundry worker who hung himself in the lift shaft many decades ago.

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