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The Fountain Inn

A lady outside room 1 reported footsteps outside her room, then the sound of someone tripping and falling; footsteps were also heard outside room 7 but no human agent was there upon investigation. A woman with short dark hair was seen in the mirror of the disabled toilet, standing behind the witness (she may also be the same spectre seen reflected in the pub window). A figure has also been seen standing by a bedroom door and in the kitchen, where it watched proceedings before vanishing rapidly. Also in the kitchen, a serving spoon was seen to swing by itself although nothing else on the rack was moving and a notice by the dishwasher was flung from the wall. Other phenomena include; a small boy in a blue top seen passing the bottom of the cellar steps; the smell of extinguished candles and flowers behind the bar; the smell of burnt toast and tobacco outside room 8; a man (seen from outside) in the bay window area - the pub was locked at the time; a man standing by the front door who subsequently vanished; and a male figure walking towards the fireplace. There are many other stories, including poltergeist-like activity. Events were so plentiful that the pub started keep a diary of reported phenomena!

Update: 27/2/20 Michelle, of the Inn, replied to me saying, "Yes we are still haunted, things have been going on for the 30 years we have been here, we don't make a big thing of it as when we used to have mediums or investigations it used to cause a lot of activity and I was never sure if it was upsetting the spirits or not, since I stopped having them things have gotten much quieter with only the odd thing, mainly poltergeist activity, happening in the dining room and the occasional guest asking if we are haunted after they have stayed in certain rooms."

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