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The White Hart Hotel

A lady who, it is claimed, was decapicated when her carriage went under the low hotel archway has been reported here - without her head. A ghostly young girl has been reported on the stairs, and she kicks out at people trying to ascend and whispers to ladies who use the toilets. Her predatory father also supposedly haunts the hotel too. The ghost of a prostitute is said to haunt the attic area and people have stated that invisible fingers closed around their neck one night. There are other mentions of a male ghost, "shadowy figures", heavy barrels moved in the cellar overnight, lights going on and off cold breezes and poltergeist-like activity, such as writing on a bedroom mirror and towels being stacked and strwen about in room 8 (where a male phantom was seen sitting on the edge of the bed). There is also said to a coach drawn by headless horses that is seen outside the hotel, moving along Holywell Hill. There are a multitude of other stories, too!

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