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St Briavel's Castle

The door to the Constable's room was reported to slam by itself, and one man who was sleeping in the room felt his chest being compressed by something violently. Other phantoms include; a phantom dog seen in various locations, a crying child in the King John's Lounge (where a man with red hair has also been observed), a white lady on the first floor, the sound and smell of horses in the courtyard, and a knight in armour seen by a fireplace and in the grounds. There are also stories of the sound of children playing, violin music, footsteps, banging noises and white, blue and orange lights - and there are many other tales too!

Link: Great British Ghosts

Update: 22/2/20 Chris Andrews, the Duty Manager replied to me saying, "I could go on all afternoon about the alleged/confirmed hauntings/unexplained phenomena in this castle. Too many to list in an email with any great detail..."

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