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Nether Lypiatt Manor

A blacksmith appears at the gates to the manor house from time to time, usually on the anniversary of his execuction, which is January 25th; in the 18th century, he was brought before the judge who owned the mansion on a charge of stealing sheep (some stories say that he was accused of murder). The judge, a man named Coxe, agreed to reprieve the man from death if he made wrought iron gates for his home. Although the work was done and everyone agreed that it was of exceptional quality, the judge found a tiny flaw and had the blacksmith hanged. Not long afterwards, the phantom of the smith appeared on a white horse, shook his fist at the judge and vanished. The judge died shortly afterwards. The phantom blacksmith is still seen on his horse; the gates swing open obligingly and the house then echoes to wails and moans as the steed rears up outside the Manor; this is said to occur at midnight on the 25th January. However, another version is that the judge recognised the man as the craftsman who was building the gates for his home and even though the miscreant was sentenced to death, the judge allowed him time to complete the task. The sheep stealer was under the impression that this meant he was to be reprieved if his work was exemplary, but this turned out not to be the case, and the man was executed anyway. Judge Coxe's son is also a resident phantom in the house; he killed himself here and he has been seen, and his moaning heard.

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