Ye Olde Dursley Hotel

Previously known as "The Old Bell Inn," a well dressed old man has been seen here; two builders saw him in the corridor and thinking that he was "real", said good morning to him, at which point he disappeared. Aorry driver saw an old man well dressed, who walked in and out of his room without opening the door; the driver was so frightened that he spent the remainder of the night in his cab. Additionally, a waitress who was attending to the tables heard someone call. She felt the sensation of being looked at and saw a woman in the doorway, beckoning with her finger. The waitress put her dishes down and looked again - and the woman was gone. The waitress found her a short time later gliding up the stairs. Poltergeist-like activity has also been reported. For instance, one hot day, the central heating pipes were found to be encrusted with ice; upon checking, the heating system was actually turned off.

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