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The Chequers

Moaning and screaming have been heard, and in addition, a white hooded figure, a woman in white (it is unknown if they are the same figure) and a phantom chimney sweep have been reported. The white hooded woman was such a frequent visitor to one particular room that it is no longer let to guests; she is seen gazing out of the window. Dogs find the pub's atmosphere to be unpleasant and cold spots have been reported as have the sensation of being tapped and someone invisible brushing by: an exploding glass has even been filmed on CCTV cameras, and a salad bowl also put in a similar dissolution. The pub has been exorcised at least three times to no avail. The hauntings may be attributed to the fact that 6 martyrs were imprisoned here in 1521 on the night before their execution by burning in Rectory Woods. The six were Lollards who preached sermons that were deemed heretical by the mainstream church. The gaoler himself, Osman, has been seen in the bar near the fireplace, wearing a cloak. There are said to be as many as nine ghosts in this building.

Link: Bucks Free Press

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