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Castle Hotel

A bearded man wearing dark clothes with silver buttons has been observed in the bar while in the cellar, a dog's bark has been heard to emanate at night. A chambermaid who hanged herself who was spurned when her lover made her pregnant has been seen leaning out of a window "in a distressed state." Room 16 is the location where a woman burnt to death and loud thudding noises have been heard here, while in rooms 14 and 15 a young girl has been seen floating up the wall where a staircase used to be. Outside rooms 25 and 26, a red haired woman in a long gown has been observed, while in room 4, people have reported the sensation of someone sitting on the bed and banging noises heard. There are many other spectres reported here; a boy seen in the bar, a lady in black who walks down the staircase and more.

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