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Woodrow High House

Lady Helena Stanhope, who lived here in the late 17th century, is the "Green Lady" and is seen in the house and surrounding area; she is described as having dark hair and piercing eyes, and a worried, sometimes tearful expression - and a green dress which glows, illuminating her surroundings. One witness saw her go to a cupboard, take out a bottle and drain it whereupon she collapsed in agony. Research has shown that her husband to be, Sir Peter Bostock, was part of the Monmouth Rebellion to overthrow James II but she inadvertently gave his position away to the King's forces when she took food to his hiding place nearby. When she next visited him, she found his dead body and then committed suicide by taking poison. In addition to the Green Lady, doors opening and closing, footsteps and the rustling noise of a dress have been heard.

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