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Bruce Castle Museum

On November 3rd, the ghost of Constantina, the wife of Lord Coleraine, is said to re-enact her death, screaming as she jumps from the ballustrade (however, some say this was from the clock tower); her husband had locked her up in a room under the clock and on that date in 1680, she leapt to the ground, carrying her baby in her arms. One version of this tragic tale says that their marriage was loveless and he grew tired of her (perhaps coupled with his alleged love for the Duchess of Somerset?), and that constant exposure to the loud ticking of the clock above her head slowly drove her insane. But, it is said that there are no records of her death. An exorcism was attempted, and now the sounds and sights of this phantom re-enactment are only rarely seen. Additionally, a silent congregation of people dressed in 18th century clothing have been seen outside the entrance. Again, there are conflicts in evidence - some reports say this meeting occurs inside the house (with one account stating, "People walking past the building at night have seen a party taking place inside. There have been reports of strange figures in 18th century attire. The silent revellers melt into the walls when approached") and one story claims that, "The grounds are meant to have a ghostly group of dancers." However, the spectral entourage do not seem to have been seen for some time. There is also a story of a white shape disappearing into one of the walls inside the building.

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