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Swain's Lane

The most commonly sighted phantom is a man, in Victorian attire, sometimes described as wearing a top hat; on one occasion, the phantom even bade a passer-by a good evening! He has been seen walking through a wall and locked gates into the cemetery; he has also been seen in the area of the North Gate, where he tried to hail a passing taxi. However, she became anxious and drove off - and in a second he was lost to view from her in the rear view mirror; the area of the North Gate was also the location of a sighting of "a black pool of liquid" that flowed down and over the cemetery wall giving the impression of a black figure whose garments were flowing in the wind, even though it was a still night. It was said to be between 7 and 8 feet tall as it reared up over the witness and he could only see two red glows where eyes should be. The witness's pet dog also reacted to the shape, whining and growling. Witnesses have reported a man in black (sometimes with hat), in Waterlow Park and Cholmeley Park.

Another, separate phenomena is the sound of horse's hooves that started off seemingly at a distance before approaching the witnesses. One group said that as the sound passed them, they were greeted by a gust of wind and a sudden rushing sound.

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