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Prittlewell Priory

Monks and White Ladies have been seen in the nearby Priory Park (the latter by anglers near the large pond) - at this location, "Onward Christian Soldiers" has been heard; and at the site of the priory itself, one researcher experienced a wall that, having been seen earlier in the evening, was no longer present and had been replaced with rubble. In the minstrel's gallery, a monk has been seen and the sound of children playing have been heard; a white-shirted man has also been reported walking towards the front door and then vanishing.

Update 24/6/22: Vittorio Ricchetti, the assistant curator, replied to my query for any recent phenomena: "Prittlewell Priory used to be on many paranormal registers and lists and colleagues that used to work there years ago did report strange activities taking place. This was more that 10/15 years ago. Years ago we also had someone coming to take some tests and to record any 'presences' unfortunately (or fortunately) their tests were all negative. Colleagues working there haven’t seen or heard anything anomalous in a long time and nothing has been reported within the last 5/4 years."

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