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Sutton House

A "Blue Lady" that is described as aggressive and hovered above a bed, a "White Lady" with shoulder length hair and carrying a fan, and invisible ghostly dogs that howl and intimidate living hounds on the staircase have been reported here. The White Lady is thought to be Frances Machell, and the invisible dogs are thought to be her husband's. A violently shaking bed is another reported experience, as is the sound of voices from empty rooms.

Update 12/4/22: Kat Buchanan, the House and Gardens Manager informs me, in response to a query regarding any recent phenomena: "Myself and current colleagues haven’t experienced anything too out of the ordinary ... Occasional unexplained noises (like a knock on the door when nobody's here) but nothing too concerning. One of my previous colleagues claimed to see the ghost of Francis Cotton coming towards her while she locked the building up one night, that would be about 3-4 years ago. Another previous colleague claims to have felt the lurcher dogs brush against her legs." I learned later that Frances Machell (nee Cotton) was the first wife of John Machell's son. She died while giving birth to twin sons John and Francis.

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