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The Old Garrison

Children have been heard laughing and playing here, and staff have also sen a man in a white coat; this man may be a doctor - the pub used to be a hospital for soldiers and families attached to the Garrison nearby. Also, a strange, unexplained odour has been detected in the cellar.

Update 16/2/22: The pub responded to my query about any recent happenings: "over the last 3 and a bit years since I've been here there has been strange things here glasses falling of shelves when they were not even close to the edge and a few other odd things I can't explain." When I queried further about whether any visible apparitions, as mentioned above, had been seen, I was told that he had "seen orbs on the cameras and more of a shadow out of the corner of my eye." Reputable ghost researchers attribute "orbs" to dust or small particulate matter close to the camera.

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