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Theatre Royal Drury Lane

A phantom, known as "The Man in Grey" and who wears a wig and a tricorn hat is sometimes seen between 9am and 6pm (or 10am and 4pm - account vary!), where he walks along the back of the upper circle before vanishing into the wall; he has also been seen seated in the 4th row of that circle. When approached, he fades away. His appearance is taken as good omen for the theatre's current production. The ghost of comedian Dan Leno is also said to haunt his favourite dressing room and a drumming noise has been heard coming from it - said to be Leno practising his clog dancing. The ghost of clown Joseph Grimaldi is also reported too, his face adorned in white make-up appearing behind people in one of the boxes. A tall man with a grim face is said to be actor Charles Macklin, who got into a row in the Green Room with a fellow actor over a wig (!). Macklin struck at Thomas Hallam and pierced his eye which resulted in his death. Macklin was prosecuted but never sentenced for his crime. King Charles II is also said to have been seen at the theatre. The 19th century manager Charles Kean was also seen on occasion sat in one of the rows.

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