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The Tower Of London

There are many ghost stories attached to this tower; Henry VI's spectre is reputed to appear just before midnight in the Wakefield Tower, where he was murdered by a knife blow as he knelt at prayer. The White Tower plays host to a "White Lady," who was once seen waving to a group of visiting school children. In St.John's Chapel, "cheap perfume" has been detected. In the gallery that house Henry VIII's suit of armour, several people have experienced strange sensations, either a crushing feeling or one of a garment being thrown over them; in this latter case, an invisible assailant pulled the garment tight around the witnesses neck, leaving visible marks behind. Meanwhile, in the Bloody Tower, the young "Princes In The Tower" have sometimes been seen, wearing white nightclothes and holding on to each other in a state of terror. They seem to respond to latter day visitors to the tower as they back against the wall when concerned people approach them, allegedly. There are dozens of other accounts too, including a phantom bear that is said to have once scared a man to death (the tower was used as a zoo many centuries ago).

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