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Kensington Palace

The ghost of King George II is said to be seen looking at a weather vane and muttering "Why don't they come?" or "Has the wind changed?" During his life he wished he could return to Hanover and spent a long time staring at the vane hoping that favourable winds would bring ships to England bearing news from his home. A spectral man in breeches has also been reported and the room that Queen Mary II died is said to be haunted. The creaking sound of a spinning wheel has also been heard, said to be the one used by Princess Sophia after she locked herself away when her illegitimate son was taken from her. Another phantom is a young male, said to be Peter the Wild Boy. He was a feral child who was found in the woods near Hamelin and by George I and allowed to live here as a "human pet"; he died in Hertfordshire, though!

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