Watlington House

A figure wearing a red uniform and smoking a pipe has been seen staring out of a window; he is said to be Captain Edward Purvis who was the first recorded occupant of this house in 1794, and fought at the Battle of Corunna in the Peninsular War.

Link: Reading Chronicle

Update 13/10/20: I spoke to Michael Jones who had worked with the house for 6 years. He says that in the last five years, he only knows of two incidents. The first was when a cleaner who was working on the top floor on Sunday evening phoned Michael. She was described as "scared" as she had just seen folders catapulting from a shelf as if a human hand was pushing them off. The only other thing that Michael knows of was when a tennant complained of a water leak. So, returning from walking his dog, he dropped by the house to turn off the water supply. As he went upstairs he heard very clear footsteps above him - and there was no-one in the building. His dog was said to be "spooked" and barked - which Michael said was very unusual for his pet.

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