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Ham House

Elizabeth Maitland, the Duchess of Lauderdale who lived here in the late 17th century walks the corridors, her cane tapping along as she meanders the building. Supposedly, staff have been known to say, "Good evening, your Ladyship" before entering her bedchamber. A small dog, described as being a King Charles Spaniel has been seen, even in daylight. It runs around before disappearing into a skirting board but on one occasion snarled at a human visitor before vanishing; this phantom hound may be the reason why it is said that pets have been reluctant to enter the property... Bangings heard behind locked doors, footsteps ascending the Great Staircase, a smell of roses and the appearance of phantoms in period clothing have also been reported here. A vague shape at a window and the sound of falling may be the remnant of John Macfarlane who jumped to his death to a misfortune in love. Certainly, it is said that every January 31st, a scream is said to be heard coming from the window of the Site Manager's flat. There are said to be around 15 ghosts in this one building.

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