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Avebury Manor

A spectral carriage and two horses appears on the driveway and rides to the nearby Red Lion, where it vanishes. A weeping man in a wide-brimmed hat, sometimes described as being like a cavalier, has been seen in the garden of the manor and in the Cavalier Room. He may be the former owner of the Manor, Royalist Sir John Stawell, who was ruined when Cromwell's forces won the Civil War. A monk in a black habit was once seen in the library; the colour of the robe is indicative of the Benedictine order, whose monastery was once built on the site. In the Crimson Room, all the windows have from time to time been found open and rose petals scattered on the floor. A White Lady has also been seen in the house and gardens; in the house, she descends the staircase, while outside she follows men and taps them on the shoulder or grips them and pulls them back. In additional, a phantom cat has been heard in the Stables Museum!

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