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The Red Lion

A mischievous spook nick-named "Florrie" (or "Flori") has been known to move items around, including kitchen equipment which temporarily vanishes, beer taps turning on and off and making the lights swing from side to side. She is described as a young lady with long, dark hair and wearing a long skirt with a tight bodice. She is said to be the wife of the landlord in the 17th century and she had an affair when he went off to fight in the Civil War. When he returned, he killed his rival and his wayward wife, disposing of her body in the well in the pub; she is reported to be seen disappearing into and emerging from this well, too. Florrie is alleged to be attracted to men with beards; the chandelier was seen to spin when a bearded man was sat underneath! Additionally, the ghosts of an old lady, children playing on the landing, a man sitting in a bar and a sedentary lady sitting in a room are also mentioned. The Private Bedroom has Beth, who looks out of the window and two children who cower in the corner of The Avenue Room as if they are threatened (these may be the children mentioned above) - sometimes in attendance is a phantom lady who is seen writing at a table, unconcerned by the terrified spectral children nearby. This latter room also has a male and female ghost who rise up from the bed or next to it, and guests mention their bed clothes being yanked off them (the room is now used by staff). A landlord who was murdered by outlaws is said to haunt the cellar, drenched in blood. An invisible coach and horses has also been heard in the courtyard on occasion, too, and its presence is said to herald the death of a near relative of the landlord. There are also reports of poltergeist-like activity, including a candleholder being flung around and a teaspoon flying up from a cup and hitting the ceiling. There is also said to be a phantom carriage that sometimes arrives in the courtyard. Finally, visitor's pet dogs have reacted in a terrified fashion as they are brought inside.

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