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The Captain's Wife

This restaurant is said to be named after a ghost. The titular lady's father did not approve of her romance with Captain Winstanley so when he was away on a long trip to Jamaica, he married her off to a Colonel Rhys (the long voyage having been secretly arranged by the father!) When Winstanley returned he arranged a meeting with his love, but Rhys found out and in the ensuing sword fight, the Colonel was killed. His body was hidden and the Captain and his lady ran off to sea but were killed in a mutiny. The spectral lady appeared, dressed in black or white dresses, in the home she had shared with Rhys, which is now the restaurant. Another version of this tale says that when his wife died, the Captain "kept [her body] in a box that was mistaken for treasure and stolen."

Link: Wales Online

Update 17/1/20: Following an email query from myself, Richard Jones, the manager informed me that "I have been running the pub for the past ten years and I’m afraid to say that in that time I haven’t experienced anything at all."

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