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The Fox and Hounds

Footsteps have been heard along an upstairs corridor and up and down the stairs, and a black shadow moving through two closed doors has also been seen. Other experiences include an invisible entity rifling through a guest's bag of golf clubs, "weird noises" from the kitchen and a cooker's rings being on even though the appliance was not even switched on. An old white haired man has been seen in the cellar and he apparently has an aversion to music - he banged until managers turned off a tape that was playing.

Update 28/1/22: I contacted the pub via Facebook to inquire about any recent phenomena and Gary informed me, "last time was a round 6 years ago , young lads share beds when mate drunk and sleep overs , two lads went to bed and say two guys sat on them , .That was on top floor , , but myself never felt or seen them , we have pyschic ladies every month now they say they speak and feel the lady in white , but never been since since ive been here 18 yrs now"

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