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Eastgate House

A spectral face was said to have been seen looking into the street from the Victorian Room and a lady in a long, flowing dress has been seen walking down the staircase. The sounds of someone falling has been heard coming from an empty room. At the rear of the building sits Charles Dickens' Swiss Chalet and it is said that the author has been seen looking out of the window and sitting at his desk.

Update 3/12/21: Site Supervisor Ian Cardy replied to my email: "Eastgate House has been closed for many years and only reopened in 2017 (and then closed again for 18 months over Covid). I’ve been site supervisor since the 2017 reopening. The only sighting of something potentially paranormal that I can vouch for was in 2018. A colleague and I were in the shop area and both saw a person-shaped form walk past the doorway and down a corridor. As this was before we opened for the day there shouldn’t have been anyone else in the house so we went after it to find that there was nothing there. We also have the usual stuff flying horizontally off of shelves and crashing to the floor but that’s a pretty regular occurrence in all of the sites in Medway so it barely registers anymore. The most reported ‘ghost’ we have here is a blue lady who is seen on the staircase. Many people who remember the house before it closed recall sightings of her, and of an associated painting that was in the house. However I can find no record of any painting in the museum archives (that cover Eastgate as well) that could relate to this. It’s interesting that it’s a blue lady rather than a white or grey one."

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