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Theatre Royal

The "Grey Lady", seen also at the nearby Garricks Head pub, is more prominently seen here; sometimes she is described as solid, sometimes as wispy. She is mainly seen in a box (the top left hand one facing the stage according to some stories) and the lower auditorium and walks through seats as if they were not there. She is reputed to be a woman who threw herself to her death when her loved one was killed; another version is that she hanged herself because her lover did not reciprocate her feelings. A phantom doorman has also been seen in the vestibule and a tall male phantom observed near the stage, claimed by some to be Sir Henry Irving. A ghostly tortoise shell butterfly is also claimed to appear before a successful run of plays. This harkens back to the time when a manager died of a heart attack while lighting a ballet whose backdrop was a butterfly. Shortly before this, a butterfly had been seen near the unfortunate man and the sequence of the ballet was scrapped. But a few days before the play was due to open, the sighting of a butterfly prompted a change of mind - and the ballet portion was reinstated. Behind the medieval wall opposite the theatre is where plague victims were buried, and their moans have been heard here. There are many other spectral stories associated with this building including a phantom fragrance like jasmine.

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