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Brooklands Museum

The ghost of Percy Lambert is said to walk here, after he was killed attempting a world speed record in 1913. His car has been seen and heard (as well as the sounds of the crash) as has a figure in a leather coat, cap and goggles. Dogs react by howling and refuse to go past the spot where he was killed. Another ghost (or perhaps the same one) with its head "half hanging off" may be the spectre of Captain Toop who died in a race. A spectral motorcyclist, footsteps and doors opening and closing of their own accord, a phantom biplane (perhaps a remnant of a crash here in the 1930s?), a mechanic in racing leathers (and perhaps another one in white overalls?) have also been reported here too as have the sounds of cars racing round the track.

Update 8/12/21: The museum responded to my query: "I can’t say many of my colleagues have anything to add. The usual tale is that Percy Lambert haunts members banking where he crashed and died. I can’t really add any more to this I’m afraid."

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