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The Crown and Cushion Inn

This pub used to be the home of a Colonel Thomas Blood, under the pseudonym of Thomas Ayloffe. During the Civil War, Blood pledged his allegiance to the King but then switched sides to the Parliamentarian cause. He was given properties confiscated from Royalist sympathisers but these were taken back when the Monarchy was restored and Blood joined a cabal of conspirators determined to overthrow the King. However, Blood's plans - including an attempt to steal the Crown Jewels came to nothing - and he was arrested but the King took pity on him and released him, on the proviso that any further misdemeanors would result in his execution. He lived out the remainder of his life peacefully although he did accumulate large debts. During his period of incarceration, "Ayloffe"'s partner became so distressed that she passed away after a few days; no-one knew that Mr.Ayloffe was really Thomas Blood. Her misty spectre has been seen outside her old home, wringing her hands and weeping, and waiting for news of Blood from travellers heading from London.

Update 4/8/20: Assistant Manager Elias Haber replied to my email saying, "I have worked here for more than 2 years. Unfortunately there have been no odd occurrences at all."

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