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The White Hart Hotel

A boy of about 10 years of age and wearing old fashioned clothes has been seen in the pub and streets nearby, and the pub itself is haunted by poltergeist-like activity, of pictures moving and other behaviour.

Update 31/8/20: Alan of the White Hart informs me, "We have indeed had a few spooky goings on. We took over the White Hart in July last year ... We have heard footsteps when we know that we have nobody upstairs to strange noises from our kitchen. My partner has also seen a figure of a boy from the window, and I felt like I had someone touching my feet whilst in bed. I also believe I have seen a figure walking out of the door but this was in the middle of the night so I can't be certain. We have also had a mirror come off a unit whilst everything else remained intact on the unit the mirror was broken on the floor."

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