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Cafe Chambers

A seaman wearing a black and white striped jersey is seen near the first floor toilets, and his tobacco smoke detected too. A phantom cat has also been heard in the rooms above the cafe too.

Update: 25/2/20: The proprietor replied to a query issued by myself, saying that although they had owned the property for 16 years and had not encountered anything at the place (which is described as having "a wonderful feeling"), the staff have seen the phantom many times and nicknamed him "George." Also, other things such as washing going missing occurs and a psychic claimed the presence of a man and a cat. In subsequent emails, the owner of the cafe elaborated: "Apparently he's a sailor of some sort, who wears overalls and a sailors cap, maybe a labourer. A really good friend of mine who used to work for me came down one night after she looked up and saw him standing at the counter, she thought it was a customer that she had locked in. When she turned around again to ask him what he wanted, he'd gone."

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