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Canterbury Cathedral

Phantom monks have been seen in the Cathedral crypts and cloisters. Another phantom is that of a servant girl called Nell who fell in love with a Canon at the Cathedral, but her feelings were not reciprocated. When she found him in bed with another woman she killed them both in a rage; she was hung for her crime and buried in the grounds. Her spectre has been described as exhibiting both grief and anguish and it is stated that anyone who sees her will experience a death within a year and a day of the encounter. The Archbishop Simon of Sudbury's head was hacked off by a baying mob at the Tower of London in a revolt over taxation. The head was brought back to Canterbury Cathedral and soon afterwards, his phantom was seen wandering around the building, although it is said that today he restricts his movement to the Sudbury Tower. It is said that one of the knights (Reginald Fitz Urse) who murdered Thomas Beckett reappears on the anniversary of the deed (December 29th) in the Old Archbishop's Palace; he was last seen rushing past a security guard. Nell Cook is said to haunt the passage known as "The Dark Entry" - he was enraged when he discovered that his boss, a priest was having an affair, and poisoned both their meals. Nell was said to have been buried alive in the passageway and it is believed that she haunts the area on "dark Friday evenings" and it is reputed that if you see her, you will die soon afterwards.

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