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The Ringlestone Inn

A manager of this inn said that all the numerous ghosts in this inn, which dates back to 1553, are friendly. These include a number of children, and the son of a previous landlord who had been accused of stealing sheep. To protect their son, the landlord and his wife hid him in a wall cavity, with only a single brick removed through which they could pass food and water until one day he failed to take them. They believed he had died and moved away leaving their son entombed. One of the other child ghosts is said to be of a boy who died in the upstairs living room; he is said to be quite mischievous. Within the pub is a corner bar which is haunted by an elderly couple who enjoyed sitting by the open fire. They have been reported as chatting with patrons! The pub is also said to harbour activity, with beer barrels being heard to move, and footsteps coming up the stairs - however the phantom never enters the ground floor itself. In addition, a phantom stomping around in "heavy boots" has been heard here and a male ghost too.

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