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The Three Pigeons

There have been three outbreaks of poltergeist activity since 1976; the usual phenomena are reported, of slamming doors, moving furniture, interfering with the beer supply etc. The first outbreak was heralded by lights turning on and off between 4 and 6pm, and the cat refusing to ascend the second floor stairs. The light fitting on the staircase would swing wildly at 1am before dying down again. Recent reports say that the bar electrics will turn off for a few minutes in the 4-6pm period and that the kitchen electrics also keep breaking down; on one occasion, the landlord went to turn on the beer barrels in the cellar but when he returned to the bar, he found that someone had turned them all off again! In 1998, in addition to problems with the electricity, glasses moved by themselves, a barstool was hurled through the air and a bowl of cheese on the counter exploded!

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