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The King's Head

The ghost of a grey and indistinct old lady was once seen by the head barman - and only he could see it; soon after, an internal door flung itself open violently. The pub dog went crazy barking at a bricked up doorway that once went down to the cellar, where a woman's voice was heard calling staff members; she is also said to alert the staff when beer is just about to run out! A small girl, nicknamed "Mary" in Victorian clothing has been seen near the entrance and seen skipping through the pub from the doorway to the windows at the back; additionally, a man sitting at a table by a front window has been seen (some say that he is reading a newspaper). There have been other phenomena reported too, including machinery malfunctions during renovations - the equipment would work when taken outside. "Mary" has also been blamed for sending food orders through even when the pub is closed.

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