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Yvonne Arnaud Mill Studio Theatre

The phenomena have been blamed on the deaths of five people here in the early 19th century; three millers hanged themselves and two who were caught up in the machinery. Dogs have reacted to something in the building by growling - accompanied by a temperature drop. On another occasion, banging was also heard coming from an empty floor; this banging turned into footsteps which traversed the length of the building. The steps were so heavy they caused dust to fall on to the heads of the witnesses in the room below.

Update: 10/3/20: Staff member Liza Cheal informs me that, "[we have] several spirits in the 19th C Mill building, which acts as offices and studio theatre – some of them just going about their business of clopping around and making the air freezing, but some nasty one’s who come out at about 3am ... Since sometime in the 90’s when 2 technicians left in a hurry due to a very powerful feeling of evil, we have not worked in the Mill past about 2am for the very reason that the presence is not a pleasant one." In subsequent emails, Liza told me that, "There are tales of a lynching when 3 people were strung up and hung from a beam in the roof where you can still see the marks of ropes, a suicide when someone threw themselves out of a high window, and an accident when a Mill worker fell from the flour hoist. There aren’t any documented incidents that we know of, but since the space became a studio theatre in the 1980’s its technicians have reported hearing and feeling things on many occasions. There have been reports of running footsteps above the studio itself, sudden plummets in temperature which then rises again just as suddenly soon after, strong feelings of a presence, and then the pronouncement by a past technician that 'at 3am something nasty joins in'. Nothing has ever been seen but there is no doubt that the place has a very different atmosphere late at night."

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